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A tribute to guitar legend TOMMY BOLIN (of Deep Purple and James Gang fame), Mister Bolin’s Late Night Revival features  renditions of 17 previously unreleased tracks written by Bolin prior to his untimely passing in 1976. Over 4 years in the making, Mister Bolin’s Late Night Revival features more than 50 singers, musicians, and producers creating a  broad spectrum of tracks that solidify Tommy Bolin’s legacy as a prolific song writer.


Featuring tracks from: Eric Martin, Doogie White, Jeff Pilson, Derek St. Holmes, Shooting Star, Randy Jackson, Robin McAuley, Kimberly Dahme and many more.


A percentage of the proceeds from this project will benefit the Jackson Recovery Centers, a non-profit rehabilitation organization located in Tommy Bolin’s home town of Sioux City, Iowa.

Mr. Bolin's Late Night Revival

Unreleased Tommy Bolin Demos Earn All-Star Tribute

Between his time with Zephyr, the James Gang, Moxy and Deep Purple

 (to name but a few bands), alongside a series of lauded solo recordings,

 Tommy Bolin is one of the world’s most recognizable guitarists who’s

had an indelible impact on the generations that followed. The six-string

 slinger from Sioux City, Iowa literally set the world on fire with

 his unmistakable riffs, technical precision, attention to detail and larger

 than life personality, which continues to be chronicled throughout a

 series of compilations and live recordings from the archives.
But what sets this particular project apart is its ability to cull together

 some of the guitar god’s unfinished works, which earn the royal

 treatment thanks to a series of friends, professional colleagues and

proverbial protégés. All the while, the tunes are interpreted through

 classic, modern, alternative and blues rock lenses under the initial

 vision and ongoing direction of executive producer Bill Schenk and

 creative consultant John Schenk (co-founder of the rock n’ roll

 Rainbow Foundation charity).
“I've always been a Bolin fan and the thought of doing a track was very appealing,”
muses musical contributor Randy Jackson (of Zebra fame). “I love anything melodic and “Celebration” was a really melodic track with some cool space in it. It was an
honor to participate and I'm glad it turned out so well.”
Along with an all-star cast that also includes Jeff Pilson from Foreigner, Dokken and Dio, Derek St. Holmes from Ted Nugent Band, Eric Martin from Mr. Big, Kimberly Dahme from Boston, Doogie White from Rainbow and Tommy’s own brother Johnnie Bolin (to name a few), it’s a one of a kind treasure trove that continues to extend Bolin’s lauded legacy, while simultaneously introducing his music to legions of younger fans. “We felt a responsibility, first and foremost, to make sure that the listener realizes what a great songwriter Tommy Bolin was,” assures co-producer/musician Chuck Giacinto. “These songs are 35 years old and had never been completed and yet they sound as relevant as if they were written yesterday.”


Adds fellow co-producer/musician Christopher Peterson: “To see this go from a small handful of demos to where it is now is nothing short of amazing. His depth of creativity was endless. Everyone has been incredible to work with.  Getting to work with people I’ve respected for years as peers and fellow musicians made this project both insightful and incredibly special.”
In addition to the wealth of musical ingenuity contained within this space, a percentage
of the proceeds from this very project will benefit the Jackson Recovery Center (
www.jacksonrecovery.com) a drug and alcohol rehab facility in the artist’s hometown.


So sit back, relax and crank up the amplifiers to eleven for the full-throttled sonic affair, sure to showcase Bolin’s enduring songwriting genius and bring his seminal career full circle.
“The fact that the project will benefit a great organization like the Jackson Recovery
Centers makes it all the more a worthy venture,” adds Giacinto. “Everyone brought their best to the table. You got the sense early on that each person that came on board realized that this was something special and wanted to put their best work forward. And in the end, when you listen to the project as a whole, it doesn’t really seem to be about the artists in any competitive way. It’s about the songs. And in that sense, I think we’ve succeeded.”

Track Listing
1. They’re Gonna Let Me Die (Doogie White)
2. You’re No Angel (Eric Martin)
3. Meaning of Love (Jeff Pilson)
4. Celebration (Randy Jackson)
5. Tears & Turpentine (Brandon Reid Allen)
6. Evening Rain (Cristina Sanchez)
7. I Want You To Take Me There (Pale Angel)
   (Van McLain & Ronnie Platt of Shooting Star)
8. Jump Back (No Sky Today feat. Fin Muir)
9. Glory Train (Doogie White feat. Rex Carroll)
10. Gypsy Moon (Derek St. Holmes)
11. Road to Walk (The Michael Sean Affair)
12. It’s Up To You (HiFi Superstar)
13. Slowdriver (Kimberly Dahme)
14. Blues Gonna Take Me Away (Robin McAuley)
15. Long Way to Go (The 77’s)
16. Feel It’s Time For Love (A Gain of Ten)
17. Love is a Bandit (John Kelly Gannett)


Bill Schenk


John Schenk and Johnnie Bolin


Chuck Giacinto, Christopher Peterson,
Randy Jackson, Van McLain,

John Kelly Gannett, Joe Viers,
Troy Luccketta, Wayne Findlay,
Michael Roe, Glen
and Keith Semple.

Mister Bolin's Late Night Revival Album Cover

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Mister Bolin